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Amika The CEO 360 Dryer

Amika The CEO 360 Dryer

The CEO 360˚ Buttonless Powerhouse is a user-friendly dryer with patented, ergonomic design that includes two rotating dials to guarantee easy maneuvering between temperature and speed settings, seamlessly hitting every styling angle effortlessly without bulky buttons or switches. The CEO dryer harnesses the powers of positive and negative ions to achieve professional results.


Turn on by rotating the patented ergonomic dials and adjust heat and speed. When the negative ion setting is selected, the indicator light glows green while the +ion setting glows blue. Positive ions open the hair’s cuticle, allowing for nutrients to penetrate the hair during treatments and can also be used to create volume. For everyday blow drying, the negative ion setting seals in moisture and prevents frizz as it creates a sexy sleek finish. 

Color: Signature Pink
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